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The Importance of Weatherproofing

It is known that good weatherproofing is fundamental in the maintenance of a building’s integrity over long periods of time. This can lead to severe structural deterioration over time, and in extreme instances render the building uninhabitable. This becomes even more apparent in bigger structures, which can collapse under their own weight if the structure is compromised.

This month’s blog at DP Insulation Render Ltd we discuss the importance of weatherproofing. For more, call us in Sheffield on 0114 244 4227.

Prevents Possible Health Problems

One common yet endlessly overlooked cause of illness is mould/mildew, as unwanted moisture often leads to unnoticed accumulation. Spore inhalation is the direct cause of many a hospital visit, as this can cause coughs and chest pain often mistook for other health issues.

Many people don’t realise this is for the most part due to old or poorly fitted insulation, which is why it pays to have professionals look over your property to prevent such issues.

Interior Protection From Water Damage

Weather by nature is unpredictable, so being prepared for the unknown is vital and will possibly save you a lot of trouble regarding your property’s structural longevity. Multiple surfaces require the proper insulations, including but not limited to:

  • Walls
  • Floors
  • Foundations
  • Roofing

Weatherproofing will prevent your walls from seeping, thus preventing long term water damage, and preserving structural integrity.

Money Saving

Whilst the upfront expense of weatherproofing may be enough to deter you outright, consider the investment side of the project. The maintenance that is required to make any possible reparations will add up, as these temporary fixes are mere short-term cures more than prevention.

Not to mention the energy bills, as weatherproofing often goes hand in hand with insulation, reducing the requirement of heating and saving you money in this regard. All tings considered weatherproofing will often arrive at the stage where it pays for itself when considering the long-term implications.

Home Comfort

The sealing properties provided by weatherproofing have been proven to promote comfort provided by the final build. The subsequent reduction of moisture build-up in the building lead to an increase in comfort due to the healthier atmosphere. It is imperative to get this aspect right early on in order to prevent issues down the line.

This is one of many benefits seen from simply building with the future in mind, rather than short term measures favouring quantity.

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