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A Guide to Loft & Roof Insulation

Loft and roof insulation are rolls of mineral wool placed between the joists in your loft, or between and over the tops of your rafters. It slows down the transfer of heat between your home and the outside.

At DP Insulation Render Ltd in Sheffield, we offer loft insulation installation. This month’s blog is a guide to loft and roof insulation. For more details, call 0114 244 4227.

Why is Loft Insulation Needed?

A quarter of heat is lost through the roof in uninsulated homes. Having insulation fitted is an excellent way to improve your home’s efficiency and cosiness. Furthermore, you will save a significant amount on energy bills.

In addition to this, good quality loft insulation helps reduce your carbon footprint.

What is the Cost?

According to the Energy Saving Trust, the typical installation depending on your property type could cost you:

  • Detached House – £395
  • Semi-Detached House – £300
  • Mid-Terraced House – £285
  • Detached Bungalow – £375

Moreover, the savings are significant. Insulating your loft can reduce your energy bills by up to £250 for a detached house and £150 for a semi-detached. This means it will have already paid for itself within 2 years.

Things to Consider

There are several factors to consider when it comes to insulating your loft or roof, including:

Storage Space

If you are planning to use your loft for storage, you will want to lay boards over the joists. However, you will require thicker insulation.

It is important the mineral wool isn’t squashed as it reduces the insulation value.

Room in the Roof

When your loft is being used as a living space, you must ensure all walls and ceilings between a heated room and unheated space are well insulated.

Flat Roofing

A flat roof should really be insulated from above. It is possible to insulate it from underneath, but it can cause condensation issues.

Having flat roof installation can save you a similar amount on your heating bills, depending on the ratio of flat roofing.

Damp Loft

Insulation prevents heat from escaping your living space, making your loft cooler. This could create or worsen damp or condensation problems.

Insulation Grants

Insulation grants are part of the Energy Company Obligation (ECO). The current scheme, ECO3 was launched in December 2018 and runs until March 31st 2022. It is focused exclusively on customers with lower incomes in vulnerable situations to become more energy efficient.

6.5 million households are eligible to apply for a grant to install insulation using a registered installer. If you receive a qualifying benefit, the Government could provide you with funding to reinsulate your home.

The grant covers the following types of insulation:

  • Loft
  • Internal Wall
  • Cavity
  • Room in Roof

Find out if you are eligible here.

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